Kursy stomatologiczne


The DENTIST Clinic has been operating since 1999. In 2001 we changed our legal status to a Non-Public Health Care Institution – Specialist Dental Clinic (NZOZ-SPS) DENTIST. 

We carry out a variety of dental procedures in the following areas:

  • Conservative dentistry 
  • Aesthetic dentistry 
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthetics 
  • Dental surgery 
  • Implantology
  • Preventive care

We focus particularly on:

  • Offering unique treatment strategies suited to each patient
  • Treatment analysis and planning at case conferences
  • Continuous training of our staff aimed at increasing their qualifications
  • Providing top-quality services based on standardized procedures

In 2003 the clinic began to hold postgraduate training courses for dentists. The courses are approved and recognised by the Regional Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Krakow. Course participants who complete training are awarded educational credits.


Czesław Mozil
Leszek Możdżer

"I never thought I'd be glad to have another dentist appointment... It so happens that DENTIST, due to its pleasant atmosphere and experienced staff, is a place I visit often and recommend to all my friends in Krakow."

Czesław Mozil

"The office of Dr. Maciej Żarow is actually the only reason I come to Krakow on a regular basis"

Leszek Możdżer
Klinika stomatologiczna Dentist oferuje kursy stomatologiczne z endodoncji. Wśród naszych usług znajdziesz licówki porcelanowe, leczenie kanałowe oraz wybielanie zębów i implanty. Stomatologia estetyczna Kraków - Twój dentysta i białe zęby.
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